Mind Moves Chess Club - About Us
Mind Moves Chess Club - A Chess Club for everybody with a special invitation to gifted children, those on the autism spectrum and diagnosed with ADHD

About Us

Mind Moves Chess Club Incorporated is a non-profit organization that strives to develop the cognitive, social and emotional functioning of our young children through the great game of Chess.  Mind Moves Chess Club is specifically geared to accommodate and develop children with difficulties such as ADHD and Autism as well as gifted children. The club welcome everybody who loves the game of Chess to come and join the fun.  The Club was the brainchild of Clinical Psychologist and Chess player Charl Fourie and came to life after he teamed up with Dawida Rose-Nel - a mother of 3 special boys of which one is on the Autism Spectrum. They sourced the services of Chess coaches and together they started this special Chess Club.
Next to The Windsor Park Precinct Cafe 
Windsor Park Precinct
1 Windsor Drive
Riverside - just outside Launceston, Tasmania, Australia!

Every Monday evening excluding Tasmanian public holidays between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm.
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Chess club helping young minds
Launceston families have formed a chess club aimed at helping gifted children and those suffering from ADHD or autism.
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